Menschenjaeger (menschenjaeger) wrote,

What was I supposed to do?

Have you lived too strongly in the pop-culture-reference milieu when, upon buying a bottle of Giant's store-brand seltzer-water, you notice the brand is "Zazz," and that the bottle is blue, and you wonder if it's somehow a cryptic reference to the bizarre 90's Mel Torme song "Zaz Turned Blue?"
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November 8 2007, 18:19:50 UTC 9 years ago

Incidentally, PJ Harvey did a rather awesome cover of that song on the Lounge-a-Palooza album. It's right up there with Steve and Edyie's cover of "Black Hole Sun"
I hear OF it, but never heard it.

Who is this creature, who properly spells Eydie Gourmet's name?