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It's been an intense few weeks.

Mels's wedding was this past weekend, and it was every bit as good as all the buildup made it necessary to be. Even better. I can honestly say (and no offense to other weddings, but...) that it was the best wedding I've had the pleasure to attend. The food alone was good enough to be fatal. Veal, salmon, duck, prime rib, serrano ham, figs, local (definitely not "lo-cal") goat cheese...the only downside was my inability to fit it all. I should have skipped the salmon - unless it's raw, salmon bores the crap out of me, and then I would have had room for the veal.

But it was the atmosphere that really made the thing. It was at the Inn at St. Peter's Village, which is in...well, duh. "St. Pete's" has never been my favorite place. Sure, the scenery is gorgeous, but every time I've been there, it's been about as crowded as the mall. It's a bit like a college campus, as far as the demographic. Ugh...neohippies. But the recent few days of cold weather meant the run of French Creek visible from the Inn's deck was largely deserted, and the rain from the two previous days made the falls lively (and loud). It was impossible not to be impressed. After the wedding, Melissa and I had a room with a view of French Creek and the surrounding woods. And what a room - it was painful to leave. Two of the walls were stone, and the windows were large, old-fashioned wavy-glass things with wide sills. I think we should have extended our stay through the end of the month. By the end of my stay, I was a little bit in love with St. Pete's.

The day after the wedding, the staff tried yet again to kill us with food. They have a pretty good brunch there, but I eneded up getting a fairly un-adventurous selection. Well, okay, I DID start with an escargot pot-au-fou. It even came in its own little copper saucepan.

Monday, Melissa was struck with the urge to carve pumpkins. It turns out that she's never done that with guy before. Yeah, I know, that's what they all say, but it's a nice feeling, knowing I was the one to depumpkin her. It's, ya know, special.

Unfortunately, we'd overestimated both the size and the selection of our pumpkins. They're miniatures. But they came out great. Next time you carve a jack-o-lantern, use one of the white pumkins that are becoming more common. The light from the candle (if you do not use a candle you are a sissy and do not deserve a jack-o-lantern. End of discussion) shows through the flesh and skin of the pumkin, so the whole thing glows.
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