Menschenjaeger (menschenjaeger) wrote,

Time to quote Zelazny...

"Sam, he talked to me as he came down the hill..." she said. Murdock waited, but she did not say anything else.

"Well, what did he say?" he asked.

"He said, `Say you will mono your passenger and I will swerve by
you'," she told him. "He said, `I want you, Scarlet Lady, to run with
me, to raid with me. Together they will never catch us,' and I killed
him." Murdock was silent.

"He only said that to delay my firing though, did he not? He said
that to stop me, so that he could smash us both when he went smash
himself, did he not? He could not have meant it, could he, Sam?"

"Of course not," said Murdock, "of course not. It was too late
for him to swerve."

"Yes, I suppose it was. Do you think though, that he really wanted
me to run with him, to raid with him, before everything, I mean back

- from "The Devil Car" by Roger Zelazny
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